This is an extremely scarce 100% original Jewish Brigade group which once belonged to YAACOV WAKTOR, he was born in 1917, one of the first volunteers to join the newly formed First Battalion Palestine Regiment.
He fought against Hitler's German forces in Italy 1944. After World War II in 1946 he left the British Army returning home to Palestine, he immediately joined the Hagana paramilitary forces taking up arms against British Forces in Palestine, after the liberation of Palestine he was one of the first to join the newly formed IDF.
Before leaving England to fight against Hitler's Army, there was a question asked, should the unit wear the Jewish Brigade Patch with the Star of David or should it be removed from their uniforms so that the troops would blend in with other British units, to prevent certain execution if captured by the Germans, every single soldier refused, the Jewish Brigade united went into battle with the Star of David on their shoulders, it was now time to show the Germans how a well armed and trained Jewish Brigade could fight, no longer easy prey, it was easy for the Germans to kill un-armed Jewish civilians, for many Jewish soldier's it was a very long road from Palestine to finally meet their enemy on the battle field of Italy 1944. The current Israeli Defense Force had it's very beginning in Italy 1944, as soldier's from the Jewish Brigade took their knowledge back to Palestine and became the founder's of the IDF.


Included in the grouping is an original WWII vintage photo of  Yaakov Waktor.


Written in ink on the back is the date 3-10-45. The photo may have been taken at the Eden Hotel in Belgium as it is stamped with red ink HOTEL-EDEN BLANKENBERGHE.


The grouping comes with the following:


Palestine Regiment cap badge

Shoulder flash (Tab) for the Jewish Brigade

Formation sign for the Jewish Brigade

Medals awarded to Yaakov Waktor:

The Defence Medal

The 1939 to 1945 Star Medal

The Italy Star Medal

The War Medal 1939 – 1945


Also included but not original to the group is the Israeli War of Independence Ribbon with the Jewish Brigade ribbon device. This is an original scarce ribbon that Yaakov Waktor was entitled to wear during his service in the Fledgling IDF.

UK Jewish Brigade Insignia and Medals from WWII Worn By Yaacov Waktor

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